Tips on how to Have Bathtub Sex

When you’re having shower intimacy, there are a few different methods to have a pleasing experience. Primary, you and your lover need to be in a position position. When you are in a tub, make sure to possess a non-slip mat on to the floor. This will guarantee you’re not playing normal water all over the partner’s physique and provide you with a secure base.

Another way to help to make shower sex a wonderful experience is to use lubricant. Silicone-based lubes will be waterproof and can sex sites not rinse away in the shower. You may even use candles to help make the place warmer. Whatsoever lubrication you choose, make perfectly sure that it will last and be relaxed for the two you and your partner.

Also you can maintain your spouse-to-be’s penis. It is especially sexy when water is bringing out around you. You may also use your nails to dig in the penis. Taking turns is a superb way showing your partner that you’re considerate. Also, make sure to have a mirror absolutely attached to the shower wall to observe each other.


Shower gadgets have become a hot spot just for shower sexual intercourse, so make sure to bring them along for the ride. Toys such as bathroom wall membrane handcuffs, vibrating sponges, and dissolving rose petals are great for face-to-face action. You should also remember to keep an eye on the temperature of the water when you’re employing such toys.

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